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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The room darkens. The crowd, now seated, quiets down. As the curtain rises, all eyes are focused on the liminal space that is – the stage. On the best days, what follows is more than memorable; it is transcendent. The story delivered to the crowd transports them, if only for a few moments, into a new perspective, takes them to another place. This is the transformative experience that theatre can provide.


It is a mystery that while so many newer and more available forms of storytelling live in the world, live theatre still has this impact. But for anyone who has experienced it, the impact is undeniable, palpable. An art form as ancient as humanity - still able to move us so powerfully.


THEATRICO is a cohort of Chattanooga artists passionate about producing high-quality theatre. Theatre that not only entertains but educates and supports our communities. We believe in the spell that is cast when performers and audiences gather in the same space, allowing something to happen that goes beyond the transfer of sight and sound. It is the mystical sharing of experiences that leaves us different. 


Our Mission

THEATRICO produces theatrical works and professional opportunities that entertain, educate, inspire, and enrich lives through powerful stories, excellent productions, and a supportive, tight-knit group because we believe that theater has the power to build and sustain community.

Our Team

Theatre brought us together in 2013 with a production of "Bye Bye, Birdie," and we've been creating magic ever since. We couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else; THEATRICO was born from the bond we share. When you work with us you'll quickly become part of the family. 

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